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Punching Press Machine

The Punching Press Machine that we offer is well designed and is equipped with all the essential features that are required for efficient operation. The Punching Press Machine is available to clients at market leading prices. Our open tiltable Punch Press has simple structure, and offers convenient operation and reliable performance. The Punching Press Machine has a long service life. These Punching Press Machines conform to the quality standards thus highly demanded by various Industries.

Used In
  • Stamping processing precision small precision parts, such as electronics, communication, computer, household appliances, automobile parts, motor stator, etc

  • Pressing and withdrawing axle and sleeve
  • Bending and deep drawing sheet metal
  • Straightening, forming, cutting and punching various materials
  • Applied in compression trial
  • External cover of computer and sheet metal parts
  • OA steel furniture drawer and rail parts
  • External cover of air conditioner

  • Cast and inclinable frame, to ensure high rigidity and less deformation
  • Turn-key and rigid clutch, flexible movement and reliable performance
  • Crankshaft placed crosswise, V-type guides of the slide in high accuracy
  • Press-collage block device, to ensure safety in press operation
  • Emergency brake device, to control the slide stop any position within 135 if any occurrence such as the arms, any substances accessing in work area
  • Photo electric protector, air cushion and other optional accessories can be equipped with the power press according to the users’ demands

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