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Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

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Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

The Engine Oil Pressure Sensors / senders are designed to measure the integrity of the engine lubrication system. The sender/sensor responds to changes in engine oil pressure, displayed via operation of the oil pressure light or gauge. Our Engine Oil Pressure Sensor can measure pressure and temperature simultaneously. The Oil Pressure Sensor has features of good stability, great reliability and easy wiring. It adopts diffused silicon ceramic sensor, with thermistance as its sensor component.

  • It is widely applied to fields of Process Control, HVAC, Automation and automobile industries

Salient Features
  • Easy assembly
  • High accuracy
  • Vibrancy resistance
  • Interference resistance
  • Erosion resistance
  • Good price

Technical Details
  • Model : WDL-YG101
  • Suitable for : Various Car Make
  • Size : Made to order
  • Structure Style : Variable resistance type
  • Dimensions
    • Maximum height : 83mm
    • Max diameter : φ44mm
  • Resistance parameters : Various resistance under various oil pressures; different oil pressure sensor for different meter
  • Place of Origin : China (Mainland)

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